Depression Facts

  • One million people in Australian currently suffer from depression and 2.3 million suffer from anxiety (1)
  • In any year 10,000 young Australians live with depression (2)
  • Postnatal depression effects 14% of new mothers in Australia (2)
  • The prevalence of depression in an Australian sample group increased in the ten years to 2008 from 6.8% to 10.3% (3)
  • Depression and anxiety affect one in seven and one in four people respectively at some point in their lives (1)
  • Depression will be second only to heart disease as the leading medical cause of death and disability within 20 years (2)


Economic Impact of Depression

  • Depression-associated disability costs the Australian economy $14.9 billion annually (2)
  • In Australia more than 6 million working days are lost each year (2)
  • Depression costs the Australian community over $600 million each year in treatment costs (2)


 The Social Impact of Depression

  • The World Health Organization reports that death from suicide accounts for more fatalities than either from armed conflicts globally or the number of people dying from traffic accidents.
  • There are approximately 900,000 suicides a year world-wide, and World Health Organization data show that suicide is now one of the three leading causes of death among people aged 15-34 years
  • Approximately 2000 Australians die from suicide every year. Men are 4 times more likely to die by suicide than women and they use more violent means generally to end their lives (1)
  • In 2010, 1.6% of all Australian deaths registered were attributed to suicide, approximately the same proportion as in 2007 and 2008 (4)
  • Males comprised approximately 77% of Australian suicide deaths for 2010 (4)


Treatment and Care

  • Depression is currently the leading cause of non-fatal disability in Australia, with less than 50% receiving medical care (2)
  • In an Australian study, of those people who had any need for care for depression, only 30.8% had all their needs fully met, while the great majority had unmet or partially met care needs (5)


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  1. Hi Lilly,
    Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear you have been dealing with anxiety and depression at such a young age. We want you to know you are not alone. Can we put you in touch with Headspace. They are a great organisation that assist young people from 12 – 25 years. You can talk with them online, face to face or on the phone. Please visit their website to get in touch

    Kids Helpline is also a safe place for you to talk to someone call them on 1800 55 1800 or visit the website

  2. i am 13yo and i started to suffer from anxiety and depression at the age of 8-9yo it has been very hard for me and i would like some personal advise please to stop it because my foster parent wont let me goon medication?

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