White Cloud Connect

The White Cloud Foundation believes that to be healthy a person needs physical, mental and social well being. Indeed, the World Health Organization states “there is no health without mental health”

White Cloud Connect is a free community-based program that will allow you to kick-start and maintain your recovery from anxiety and depression.

White Cloud connect is an evidence based program that supports you to maintain a positive lifestyle, through exercise, connection to others and to the environment. Sessions will usually be held in blocks of four weeks and may include Yoga, Meditation, walking, jogging, art and more.

While the program is delivered in an informal, casual manner, in locations you will benefit from the facilitators personal and or professional experience with yoga, meditation, exercise, depression, or anxiety. You will learn coping strategies derived from the principles of  Positive Psychology.

Weekly group sessions will involve exercise, tailored to suit your ability. This is not boot camp but a tool to overall health. You will be gently encouraged to connect with other members and the group and the facilitator. Sessions will be conducted in locations that allow you to immerse yourself in the outdoors and natural environment – a great mood booster.

Over time you will be invited to social activities such as a coffee and chat, or walk and talk sessions. This will be an opportunity to talk freely with your peers or just to listen. You will also have the opportunity to join free seminars, where you can seek advice from professionals such as psychologists, exercise physiologist, dietitians and more.

We currently have a walk and talk session on Monday evenings from 7.00 pm and a Jog and Talk session from 7.30 pm.

Yoga, Meditation and Art therapy are coming soon!

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Contact us on info@whitecloudfoundation.org