Mother’s Day Appeal – Meals for Mum in May.

Donate to Meals for Mums in May!

Most of us will celebrate Mother’s Day with a family meal, maybe its breakfast in bed or a Sunday roast. Restaurants and Cafe’s will be full of families celebrating their mums. But ask any mum and she will tell you that being a mother is not an easy job! Even Kate Middleton, recently admitted that with all the help in the world it can still be challenging!

You can watch Kate talk here about Perinatal Depression and the need to for help. 

Did you know that 1 in every seven Aussie Mums will suffer from perinatal depression(PND)? There are many risk factors that increase the likelihood of a women experiencing mental health issues during pregnancy or after birth, including having a premature or sick baby, having no family support or enduring domestic violence. Did you know that teen mums have almost twice the risk of perinatal Depression as older mums? In reality, Perinatal Depression can affect any new parent, male or female, regardless of underlying risk factors.

Launched in October 2016, the White Cloud Mums Program, is a practical, early intervention service for women with or at risk of perinatal depression. Initially partnering with Women’s Health Queensland Wide (WHQW) and then additionally the Department of Psychology and Social Work at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH), we have been overwhelmed by the number of referrals to the program and need your help to ensure we continue to reach mums in need. Currently around 5 new mums are being referred to the White Cloud Mums program each week. That is more than 200 women in the first year!

By providing practical help, delivering nutritionally balanced meals to mothers most at risk and being a support in the community, we aim to prevent the development of perinatal depression for mothers experiencing risk factors and improve recovery for those already living in the grips of depression.

Almost 600 meals have been delivered in the first six months of the program. Some of these women, might not have eaten without the White Cloud Mums meals. With out good nutrition recovery is so much harder.

Sharn, a young mum was only eating 1 -2 meals a day so she could afford a place to live. Veronica, an expecting mother suffering anxiety was skipping meals, unable to cope with leaving her apartment. Unfortunately, too many of the mothers being referred to White Cloud Mums have escaped domestic violence to raise their baby in safety.

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, please consider making a donation to the White Cloud Mums program. As little as $5 can put a meal on the table for a women at risk, $55 will mean the security of 10 meals for a mother in need.

In 2017 and beyond, the aim is to expand the White Cloud Mums program to accept referrals from women’s hospitals in Ipswich, Gold Coast, Redcliffe and Caboolture but we need your help.

We need to raise at least $6000 this May to provide support to an extra 50 mums. Please make a Mother’s Day donation now.

Every family deserves a happy healthy mum – especially on Mother’s Day!

Please show your support for mums with or at risk of perinatal depression this May.

YES I want to donate $120 to provide 20 meals and 4 community contacts by a perinatal support coordinator.

YES I want to donate $55 to provide 10 meals and 2 community contacts by a perinatal support coordinator.

YES I want to donate $30 to provide 5 meals.

YES I want to Donate another amount.