Clinic for New and Expecting Mums

The White Cloud Foundation proudly partners with QUT Health Clinics to offer a multidisciplinary clinical pilot program,  providing early intervention for perinatal and postnatal  depression. The innovative program provides new and expecting mothers with no cost access to a team of clinicians, including the services of a mental health nurse, exercise physiologist, psychologist, social worker and dietitian.

The aim of the program is to reduce risk factors and thereby prevent the development of a clinical disorder by helping women to identify and better manage psychological, social, dietary and physical fitness challenges that are potentially compromising their ability to respond to the demands of motherhood.

Additionally one of the objectives of this project was to develop a manual that describes the interventions so as to assist future service providers wishing to adopt this model. The manual assists clinicians to understand the rationale, approach and procedures involved in delivering the service.

If you are interested in participating in an expectant and new mothers clinic please REGISTER HERE

Clinic for new and expecting mothers 2015

“I was treated with respect and kindness – they were lovely.” – New Mum

“I found it really, really good. I really enjoyed everybody. The nurse was great, and then I saw the team. And they were great too. I didn’t find it confronting at all. Just really, really helpful.” – New Mum

“All the women were lovely, really welcoming and understanding. And they made my husband feel very welcome too. That meant a lot to me. They made him feel part of it all.”– New Mum

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