White Cloud Mums

White Cloud Mums is designed to empower and nurture women and their families affected by Perinatal Depression. Our research shows that with early access to clinical treatment, practical services and emotional support, a mother can reduce her risk factors for Perinatal Depression and thereby prevent the development of, or recover sooner from, a clinical disorder.

By helping  a woman to identify and manage psychological, social, dietary and physical fitness challenges that may be compromising her ability to respond to the demands of motherhood, we empower her to reconnect with her life, enhance her recovery and regenerate herself.

White Clouds Mums is a practical, face to face support program for women diagnosed or at risk of perinatal depression. The program addresses nutrition, exercise and social isolation.

Mums Meals helps ensure a mother at risk of Perinatal Depression has access to a nutritious meal each day. Studies show that good nutrition is essential for maintaining well being. White Cloud Foundation will deliver up to 20 meals, at no cost to you, to your home. You will receive 10 meals at a time, which will arrive frozen. Meals can easily be stored in the freezer and heated in the microwave, for either lunch or dinner.

The benefits of exercise for both mental and physical well being are undisputed. White Cloud Mums offers free Yoga and mindfulness classes to new mothers with premature and sick babies at the RBWH. Each Friday from 2- 2.45 pm we invite mothers to recharge and refocus to better cope with the additional strain of having a newborn baby in care. Thanks to a partnership with Ronald McDonald House we are able to offer the class in the family room next door to the hospital.

At White Cloud Foundation We believe in you and we believe you are on the path to wellness, we just want to help you get there.

We are proud to have partnered with Women’s Health Queensland Wide’s Midwife check-in in Service  and the Department of Psychology and Social Work at the Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital (RBWH) to offer this program to mothers with or at risk of perinatal depression.

The Midwife Check-in service offers women access to free, confidential, untimed telephone calls with a midwife regularly during pregnancy and after birth.It gives women the opportunity to discuss any topic, such as expectations of parenthood, emotional health and wellbeing, or just to have a ‘listening ear’ at the other end of the phone.

For more information on White Cloud Mums email info@whitecloudfoundation.org

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For more information on the Midwife Check – In Service

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