Consumer Representative needed

Consumer Representative needed

Are you passionate about accessible, dynamic and compassionate mental health care?

If you are, and you also have a lived experience and/or recent engagement with mental health services for either yourself or as a carer, then White Cloud Foundation invites you to apply for unique opportunity to join our Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) as a Consumer Representative.


The Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) is a team of mental health experts from across Queensland to ensure robust governance, processes, and procedures for the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health Service. The team provides continuous input into the operating model and systems to ensure an optimal client experience and alignment with clinical standards.

Click here for details on the existing CAG members.

Role of the consumer or carer representative

The role of the successful Consumer Representative is to stay abreast of information, attend CAG meetings, actively engage in discussion, ask questions, and provide feedback and advice in a timely manner.

Representatives are sought to provide insights from a consumer or carer’s point-of-view that will help improve White Cloud services, experiences, and outcomes.

Who is it for?

This opportunity would suit a consumer or carer representative:

  • with a lived experience of accessing mental health services
  • who is caring for someone with a lived experience of accessing mental health services

It is anticipated that members of the CAG will have a passion and commitment to developing accessible, dynamic, and compassionate mental health care services.

Time and location

CAG meetings are held online via Microsoft Teams every 4-6 weeks. Each meeting generally runs for around one hour.

The agenda and any pre-reading documentation will be distributed by the Chair to the CAG members prior to the scheduled meeting.

Remuneration and Support

WCF is a not-for profit organization committed to the delivery of efficient and timely mental health care therefore, Board and CAG member roles are volunteer positions with no renumeration provided.


If you are interested or have any further questions, please email

For more information about the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service, click here.