Karl Stefanovic tackles ice bath

Karl Stefanovic tackles ice bath

Our very own Professor Adam Scott and Fund My Challenge ambassador Lincoln Lewis appeared on the Today Show on Friday 19 November to ensure Today Show host Karl Stefanovic carried out the challenge of doing a 40 second ice bath live on air.

Karl lept into the icy waters with Lincoln hailing him as the “King of Freeze”.

The @FREEZEHOF was launched by Fund My Challenge on 1 November and is a 40 second Ice Bath or Cold Shower challenge, inspired by Wim Hof and his method.

Wim was the first to take on the Challenge which has now seen hundreds of people around the world take an icy plunge for 40 seconds in recognition of the fact that every 40 seconds, someone in the world takes their life by suicide.

Other celebrities who have taken to the ice include Russell Brand, Lewis Howes, Travis Pastrana, Victoria Gracie, Dave Huges, Brendan Fevolla, the North Queensland Cowboys, Canterbury Bulldogs, and surfer Joel Parkinson.

Anyone can participate in @FREEZEHOF to help raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention by either doing the challenge yourself or making a donation.

Money raised through @FREEZEHOF will be used to fund White Cloud Foundation’s services such as White Cloud Tele-Mental Health and Meals for Mums.

Click here to watch the whole Today Show segment.