White Cloud Tele-Mental Health

The White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service is a novel solution driven by a multi-disciplinary team of professional clinicians including Social Workers, Psychologists, Counsellors, Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists.​ We call this team our Integrated Practice Unit (IPU).

You are now part of this team and you will work with others to provide holistic, individualised, clinical and practical care to treat a person’s depression from multiple fronts.

Our service has been developed to help people no matter where they live, whether it be on a remote cattle station or in a high-rise apartment in the city.

It is based on the highly successful and internationally recognised Tele-Cardiac Investigations program developed by White Cloud Foundation Founder Professor Adam Scott. You can read more about Adam’s Cardiac program here.


The White Cloud Tele-Mental Health service is NOT a crisis help line. Our aim is to provide both practical and clinical treatment and support to people before they reach the crisis stage.

We want to “wrap our arms” around these people and treat their depression, or potential depression, from multiple angles thereby building their resilience for the future.

We want to ensure they are eating the right foods, getting the right exercise, getting help for the environmental factors contributing to their stress/anxiety and, most importantly, give them someone to talk to.


A person interested in seeking help for their depression or anxiety, simply needs to call the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health phone number. They will speak to one of our IPU’s qualified client liaison team members who will assess their needs and schedule appointments with relevant clinicians. These appointments will then take place via video-conferencing or telephone – whatever the client is most comfortable with.

The frequency and types of sessions provided to each client will be decided on a needs-based assessment by the IPU.


In its inital phase, the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health Service is primarily available to people living Queensland. Anyone of any age living in these areas can access the service.

A client can either self-refer (call the White Cloud Tele-Mental Health phone number direct) or be referred to the service through their GP, local hospital, workplace or other community group/facility.

A White Cloud Tele-Mental Health client does not require a mental health plan from their GP.