White Cloud Founder Prof Scott announced as QLD nominee for Australian of the Year

White Cloud Founder Prof Scott announced as QLD nominee for Australian of the Year

White Cloud Foundation’s Founder and Chair, Professor Adam Scott, was nominated in Queensland for a 2024 Australian of the Year Award. Adam’s nomination recognises both his work with White Cloud and his incredible achievements as a Cardiac Scientist developing a Cardiovascular Telemedicine Program for rural Australia.

“I am incredibly honoured to be considered as a nominee for the Queensland ‘Australian of the Year’,” said Prof Scott.

“Since the announcement, I have reflected a lot on what this means to me but more importantly what it highlights for the teams around me, both at the RBWH and the staff/volunteers/supporters/sponsors at the White Cloud Foundation. This nomination is representative of all the teams I work with, that have contributed and participated for long periods of time to enable the amazing results we have achieved.

“I have always been a firm believer that your postcode shouldn’t prevent you from accessing healthcare. That’s why I wanted to see cardiac survival rates improve for those living on the land. That’s also why I wanted to remove the barriers for those who need access to mental health support.

Prof Scott has also paid tribute to all the people and teams that have contributed on so many levels to building White Cloud Foundation – from board members, staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, sponsors, friends, and families.

“I’m so very thankful for those who backed my vision, to bridge the city and rural divide – you know who you are. Without your support and ongoing commitment, we can’t do what we do.

“After a decade of hard work, no longer do Queenslanders have to travel long distances to have their heart investigated or pay to access a psychologist.

“Patients only need a phone or a computer, we do the rest and I’m so proud of the thousands of lives we have helped along the way.

The winners of the 2024 QLD Australian of the Year Awards were announced on 8 November, with Founder and CEO of Men of Business Marco Renai taking out the main title. Mr Renai will now represent Queensland at the Australian of the Year Awards in Canberra in January.

While Adam may not have won this time around, we congratulate him for the achievement of making it to the top four. He will always be a winner to us!

To read more about the 2024 Australian of the Year nominees and winners, visit australianoftheyear.org.au