Boardies & Bubbles Lunch

In just a short period of time, White Cloud Foundation’s Boardies & Bubbles Lunches have become one of the hottest tickets in town!

Boardies & Bubbles originated in Brisbane where the lunch is held each year on the eve of Queensland Mental Health Awareness Week at the Port Office Hotel. Boardies & Bubbles headed to the Gold Coast in 2021 with a lunch at Shuck Restaurant on Tedder Avenue at Main Beach, and on 18 November 2021 we’ll be holding our first Boardies & Bubbles Lunch at The Rock in Toowoomba.

Each Boardies & Bubbles Lunch features plenty of special guests and entertainment.

The funnest part of the lunch is that all the blokes have to wear their favourite boardies, while the girst can wear whatever they want!!!

Each Boardies & Bubbles Lunch raises funds for White Cloud Foundation programs that provide practical and clinical support to people living with, or at risk of developing, depression.

For details on our upcoming Boardies & Bubbles Lunches, click on the links below:

Brisbane Boardies & Bubbles8 October 2021Port Office HotelSOLD OUT
Toowoomba Boardies & Bubbles18 November 2021The RockBuy tickets now