Meals for Mums

White Cloud’s Meals for Mums service provides practical support for women at risk of or experiencing perinatal depression.  It is designed to complement the clinical care given by the mother’s health care provider.

The service provides practical support and social connection through the delivery of 14 nutritious meals to the mother’s home and phone contact with our program coordinator.

To ensure that these women are receiving ongoing holistic support that complements their clinical treatment, referrals are only accepted from medical professionals, allied health professionals, social workers and counsellors who are actively involved in the woman’s care and welfare.

White Cloud Foundation is currently proud to partner with hospitals and other health care providers in South-East Queensland, Toowoomba and Darling Downs, Townsville, Mackay and Southern Tasmania to deliver the service.  White Cloud is currently raising funds to expand the service to other regional areas of Queensland during 2021/2022.  If you’d like to donate or raise funds so that the service can expand to your city or town, simply click here or email [email protected]  You are also welcome to email us if you are interested in providing this services to women in your care.

Who can refer?
To ensure that ongoing multidisciplinary support is in place, referrals to the Meals for Mums Program are only accepted from medical professionals, allied health professionals, social workers and counsellors.

To see a list of organisations/facilities that are currently referring mothers to the service, click here.

Our program is specifically targeted at women at risk of, or experiencing, perinatal depression.

Where do we deliver?
Currently, we’re delivering to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and parts of the Darling Downs, Townsville, the Mackay region, and Southern Tasmania.  

White Cloud Foundation facilitates the program and uses specialist external businesses to prepare and deliver the nutritionally-balanced meals. This means that sometimes we are unable to provide meals to a mother as they may live outside of our supplier’s delivery area. If this situation should arise, we will work with other meals suppliers where we can to facilitate the delivery.

Our current meal providers are:

Simply click on the meal provider’s name above to check their delivery areas.

To refer to the Meals for Mums Program, please simply complete the online referral form below. If you would like to discuss the referral with us, please email us at [email protected] or call our Program Coordinator on 07 3065 9855.