Our Mission

Founded in 2011, White Cloud Foundation (WCF) is a mental health not for profit organization that provides early intervention services for adults and their families with or at risk of developing depression in its many forms.

WCF acts upon evidence based research to develop, test and implement a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment of depression.The White Cloud Foundation believes in easy, early access to professional, evidence based clinical programs.

Our mission

To provide early access to treatment and support for people living with or at risk of depression.

Our Objectives
  1. To join the national effort on depressive illnesses and raise awareness and understanding.
  2. To remove the stigma of depression and encourage suffers to seek out recovery.
  3. To contribute to information, education and research in the field of depression and anxiety,
  4. To provide programs and facilities that are practical, affordable and evidence based.
  5. To deliver early intervention that is inclusive of exercise, nutrition and well being.
  6. To collaborate locally and nationally to overcome depressive illness.
Our History
  • 2013: Based at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) a steering committee of clinicians, researchers and administrators was formed to guide the development of the White Cloud Foundation multidisciplinary model of care for postnatal depression.
  • 2014: In partnership with QUT Health Clinics, the Foundation conducted a pilot program of the multidisciplinary model of care for at risk mothers in Queensland. The study showed that by addressing the underlying triggers for PND a woman had the best chance of recovery. The pilot program drew on the disciplines of psychology, exercise physiology, nutrition and social work. An incredible 91 per cent of mothers had meaningful and clinically significant improvements in their mental health over the course of their involvement with the WCF/QUT Clinics.
  • 2015: Evaluation of the pilot program led to the refinement of the White Cloud multidisciplinary model of care. Referral to a White Cloud Clinic provided a patient and their family with access to a co-located team of expert clinicians who worked together to develop an individualised treatment plan. Treatment can be delivered face-to-face or via tele-health.
  • 2015: A second steering committee formed to guide the development of the PTSD multidisciplinary model of care. The pilot study was launched in partnership with QUT Health Clinics.
  • 2016: The QUT Health Clinics partnership pilot program, which enrolled current and former Defence and first responders with anxiety, depression or PTSD, was completed in December 2016 with significant results.
  • 2016: The Meals for Mums program was launched – providing mothers with, or at risk of, postnatal depression nutritious, home delivered meals. These mothers are diffident through referral via hospitals in Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Gold Coast Health.
  • 2017: WCF and RBWH paired up for the Annual Race to the Roof event – with proceeds from the facility-wide event going directly to WCF and its Meals for Mums program.
  • 2018: WCF expands the Meals for Mums Program to Southern Tasmania. To date, WCF helps around 150 women each year.