Volunteering with White Cloud Foundation can be a very rewarding way to play a part in helping people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

We are currently seeking for volunteers to help with our events and for the following roles in our Tele-Mental Health Service:

  • Counsellors (see note below)
  • Dietitians
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Exercise Scientists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Nurses

As we are currently at capacity with Counselling volunteers, we are not taking on any new graduates for the time being. All Counselling volunteers must have a minimum of two years’ experience, must commit to attending the weekly group supervision session (remotely) and must also commit to working a minimum of four hours per week.

All volunteering roles with the Tele-Mental Health Service can be done via the internet from your own home or office.