Big wave surfer Ryan Hipwood joins us as an ambassador

Big wave surfer Ryan Hipwood joins us as an ambassador

Chairman and founder of White Cloud Foundation Adam Scott can’t hide the delight of welcoming big wave surfer Ryan Hipwood to the White Cloud Foundation as an ambassador.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ryan as an ambassador to the foundation,” Professor Scott said.

Ryan grew up on the Gold Coast and started surfing at a very young age. He admits to being scared of big waves when he was a child, but gradually overcame the fear.

At age 14, on his first trip to Hawaii he rode his first big wave and almost drowned in the process.

“I realised it was a men’s club out there and that I was a boy,” Ryan said. “I had to develop as a person at a very young age.”

Ryan now travels the world looking for the big waves and balances being a husband and father of two.

“I tell people I surf for a living, but its a little more complicated than that. I’m scouring swell forecasts every day to look for the biggest waves I can find, then I go and surf them.”

There is also the impact on his body of a massive wall of water falling on him, and he works with a breath training specialist and Chek training coach to prepare for whatever the ocean can throw at him.

As a White Cloud Ambassador Ryan will represent the foundation and attend functions to raise awareness of depression. Many people take to surfing as a sport because it allows them to beat the stress for a few hours, and to enjoy a challenge on the water.

Editor’s note: visit Ryan’s webpage to see an amazing film about his life as a professional surfer and athlete. The footage of his surfing is something quite special.