Make an Oath #makeanoath

An oath is a promise to tell the truth.

It is hard to ask for help when you are hurting, which is why you should make an oath now, when things are good – or at least okay.

Depression is an unseen illness that does not discriminate, it affects people, from every corner of the globe, rich or poor, male or female, old or young. It doesn’t matter whether you are a farmer or a football player you could still suffer from depression at some time in your life.

Life might be clear skies and sunshine today but you never know when a cloud may appear. Some people are able to manage their situation, However for others, the clouds of depression are too heavy, leaving them in a very dark place, thinking the only option is to make a catastrophic decision.

The “Make an Oath” campaign is simple, yet honourable and powerful.

The way it works is:

Regardless of your mental health position today, seek out a friend and make an oath to them that if you are ever in that dark place and think that suicide is your only option, you will tell your friend what you are thinking before you take any action.

This is a loyalty oath to your friend which must never be broken, because friends honour a promise.

This oath is the safety net that shows your friendship can endure dark times and prevent a catastrophe.

Please honour your friendship, make and oath today.

Help protect your friends and family from suicide, use #makeanoath on social media to show you have a safety plan in place and ask them to make an oath too.

Ask them to #makeanoath